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first you should know

about Pulsetip

Pulsetip terminals can be installed anywhere in the office so that your employees can answer your questions by simply tapping their access cards. For employees on the go Pulsetip supports mobile application.

well covered and efficient

Pulsetip terminals

Scandinavian Design

Natural materials, wooden frame and stainless steal perfectly fits and enlivens the interiors.

Company wide

Sits where employees hang out. Allows to instantly collect employees’ opinions companywide.

For employees

Employees love to use it. Amazing user experience – distraction free. Even employees who don’t have access to computers and don’t take part in email surveys love to play around with our terminals

For managers

Built-in Visual Analytics. Management adores it.

Maintenance free

No maintenance is required.

Simple implementation

Terminals work out of the box. 5 minute integration with corporate employee cards.

always on the go

Pulsetip Mobile


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How it Works

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    Launch surveys from any device

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    Employees tap their access cards and take polls

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    You get visual analytics on the fly

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