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Pulsetip helps to collect employee feedback, facilitate internal communication, and improve awareness in a way employees love.

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Employee Safety Awareness

A paper manufacturer using Pulsetip identified 3 safety related requirements indicating less than a 50% awareness and compliance level. Line managers immediately began including the missing training during weekly employee meetings. After a month employee awareness improved to 75%, thereby creating a much safer employee environment.

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Change Management Communication

A Pulsetip customer recently updated its employee benefit system. After a quick survey the customer realised that only 48% of the employees had a clear understanding of the new program. Human Resources promptly addressed the issue resulting in immediate awareness increase to 89%.

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Internal Communication

After conducting a Pulsetip survey an industrial manufacturer realised that 75% of production line employees identified insufficient internal communication. Through Pulsetip Internal communication manager facilitated daily questions and visuals with information about the organisation. In turn, 80% of the respondents indicated that internal communication improved along with workplace satisfaction.

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Reduce Employee Absenteeism

In 2011 employees had an average of 0.2 days more absence per year, in 2012 1.0 day more, in 2013 1.4 days more and in 2014 2.5 days more than non-manual workers. By reducing absenteeism by 1 day companies can save over 1 million Euros a year.

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Stop Employee Turnover

Average employee turnover rate in the UK is 15% per year, The turnover cost on annual salary on average is 40% for mid-range positions. Do you have data on how satisfied your employees are? Do you know which line managers perform better in terms of employee satisfaction?

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Increase Employee Productivity

According to a meta-analysis of 1.4 million employees conducted by “Gallup”, organizations with a high level of engagement benefit from 21% higher productivity. As reported by “Harvard Business Review”, one of the ways to gain a competitive advantage and improve overall business performance is to focus on a service-profit chain.

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Pulsetip has a unique

Competetive advantage

Using a “pull” instead of “push” approach to feedback, Pulsetip helps achieve higher response rates and more honest feedback. This approach also eliminates frustration and disengagement caused by frequent e-mail and application notifications.

well covered and efficient

Pulsetip terminals

Employee centric

Amazing user experience. Distraction free data collection. Even employees who don’t have access to computers and don’t take part in email surveys simply reply to Pulsetip questions.

For managers

Data-driven decision making. Question comparison with built-in Visual Analytics. Automated visual weekly PDF reports.

Company wide

Sits where employees hang out. Allows to instantly collect employees’ opinions companywide.

Simple implementation

Terminals work out of the box. 5 minute integration with corporate employee cards.

Maintenance free

No maintenance is required.

Scandinavian Design

Natural materials, wooden frame and stainless steel perfectly fits and enlivens the interiors.

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Continuous Improvement

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Establish priorities

Measure problems

Collect real-time data

Take instant actions

Measure results and trends

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    Launch surveys from any device

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    Employees tap their access cards and take polls

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    You get visual analytics on the fly

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Data security

All customer data is a property of a customer. Pulsetip is compliant with GDPR. We store all the data in a data center in Europe that is GDPR-compliant. We do not store any personal data in our database. Database access is strictly controlled and is available to selected PulseTip employees only. The data is never shared with any third party software. Pulsetip does not store any information about customer employees other than badge hash code and/or phone number mapping to population data chosen by the customer.

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