Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement 

Date: September 17, 2015. 

This is the Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement of the website This Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement provides information 
on the processing of personal data of the visitors (Users) of the Website
( by UAB Blue Lime Labs (Blue Lime Labs), based at Odminiu st. 
1-30, LT-01103 Vilnius, Lithuania. 

This Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement may be changed over time. Users of the 
Website are advised to regularly review the Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement 
for possible changes. 

1. This Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement is applicable to the processing of 
all personal data of Users through the Website by Blue Lime Labs. 

2. Blue Lime Labs is the controller for the processing of your personal data. 

3. Blue Lime Labs processes your personal data for the technical and 
functional management and analysis of the Website. 

4. When you visit our Website, the purpose of processing your data is to 
process a number of technical details associated with the use of the 
Website, so that we can provide its functionalities and generate usage 
statistics. These data allow us to manage the Website, for instance by 
resolving any technical faults or improving accessibility to certain parts of 
the Website. In turn, this allows us to ensure that you can reach the 
information on the Website quickly and easily. We also use cookies for this 
purpose. See information about cookies in point 11. 

5. For the purpose contained in point 4 we process technical data such as the 
IP address of your computer, the sites of our Website you visit, the internet 
browser you are using, previous/subsequent Website you visit and the 
duration of a visit or session. 

6. We retain technical data for a maximum period of 3 years for this purpose. 

7. When you contact Pulsetip Analytics using our contact form, email address 
(, phone number (+370 612 73 269) or sign up via 
contact form, we process your personal data for the purpose of replying to 
your inquiries. 

8. For the purpose contained in point 7, Blue Lime Labs processes your name, 
contact details, your correspondence with Blue Lime Labs about your 
inquiries and all other personal data you provide to us and which are 
necessary to answer your inquiries. 

9. It’s not determined when data contained in point 8 will be deleted. 

10. Blue Lime Labs does not share your personal data with third parties, except 
when required by law. 

11. Blue Lime Labs is allowed to use personal data that is collected by the use 
of PulseTip software or the website in anonymized and 
aggregated manner for research and commercial purposes. 

12. The Website uses cookies. These are small text files, which your Internet 
browser automatically places on the computer. Cookies are used to assist in 
collecting information associated with the use of the website, such as which 
web pages are visited and the duration of a user session. 

Blue Lime Labs uses three types of cookies: 

    1. Necessary cookies: 
         These cookies are strictly necessary to offer the basic functionality of 
         the Website and to remember your cookie settings. 

    2. Web Analytics cookies:
         Blue Lime Labs will only use these cookies with your consent. If you
         have not consented to the use of such cookies, they will not be placed.  

         Google Analytics is a web analysis service offered by Google Inc.
          (Google). Google uses aggregated statistical information to provide
          Blue Lime Labs with an understanding of how Users are using the
          Website. Google is only allowed to provide this information to third
          parties if Google has a statutory obligation to do so or to the extent
          that these third parties are processing the information on Google’s

13. You will find a number of links to other websites on the Website. Although
we have selected these websites carefully, we are not responsible for
processing of your personal data via these websites. Blue Lime Labs’s
Terms and Conditions and this Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement do not
apply to the use of such websites.

If you opt to share content of this Website (for example a blog post) via
social media websites, the use of such websites is covered exclusively by the
terms and conditions (including the privacy policy) of the social media
websites. Blue Lime Labs is not responsible for the data processing or
privacy policies on such social media websites and Blue Lime Labs’s Terms
and Conditions and this Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement do not apply
to the use of such websites.

14. Your personal data will be treated confidentially and Blue Lime Labs takes
appropriate technical and organizational security measures against its loss
or unlawful processing.

15. You are entitled at any time to request access, correction or removal of your
personal data processed by Blue Lime Labs. Please send your request and
other questions you may have to